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Fishing Location Highlight – Port Aransas Texas & Aransas Pass Texas

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Fishing Outdoors |

Fishing Location Highlight – Port Aransas Texas & Aransas Pass Texas

Port Aransas Texas

Port Aransas TexasPort Aransas Texas and Aransas Pass Texas are two small towns separated by the local bay system and the Lydia Ann Channel. These two small towns are nestled between some of the best bay fishing in the state of Texas. Port Aransas is the only town on Mustang Island and while it is still small it has grown a lot in 1940 the population was under 500 in 2010 the population was recorded at 3,500. This small town has always been known for its beautiful scenery and legendary fishing.

In the early years Port Aransas was internationally known for its Tarpon fishing some of the best in the world they even have a famous Inn named Tarpon Inn that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. This inn has a wall full of tarpon scales they were signed by its visitors and hung on the wall. While Port Aransas is no longer known for Tarpon fishing weather changes and fish migrations over the years have moved the Tarpon farther east it is still renowned for its redfish, trout and flounder fishing year round. You can go on any day of the year and you will see people fishing off the jetties and from the beaches.

Aransas Pass Texas

Aransas Pass TX FishingAransas Pass Texas is located on the shore of Redfish Bay it is the bay that connects Corpus Christi Bay to the south with Aransas Bay in the north. Aransas Pass is known for Redfish Bay just as much as Redfish Bay is known for Aransas Pass. Aransas Pass and Redfish Bay are known to have some of the best inshore flats fishing in all of the Texas coast. From redfish to speckled trout and flounder you can find it all there. It has the small town feel combined with amazing fishing without being too far from modern comforts.

Planning A Fishing Trip?

The next time you are planning a fishing trip we highly recommend you consider a fishing trip in Port Aransas Texas or a Fishing Trip in Aransas Pass Texas. These hidden small towns will not disappoint if you love fishing and quant get a ways. Fishing is the stitching that holds this area together. Go and enjoy it you will have an excellent and relaxing time.

Port Aransas & Aransas Pass Fishing Guides

If you are going to visit this area and want to have an excellent time fishing guaranteed. We highly recommend one of our own writers Eddie Jenkins with Ingleside Fishing Charters he has been fishing these local waters for over a decade and is a good guy as well. You can find his site here he has a fishing guide in Aransas Pass TX as well as a fishing guide in Port Aransas TX.


Things to Look out for When Buying Fishing Rods

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Fishing Rods |

Things to Look out for When Buying Fishing Rods

Fishing is one of the most fun things that any person can indulge in. Many new anglers tend to think that a fishing rod is just that and that any rod can be used in any river at any time. In reality, the type of fishing rod you have can ultimately determine whether you get to catch any fish at all. In fact, it is possible that you can end up catching no fish while your fishing mate who has a different type of rod ends up always lucky.


Factors to consider include

  1. The type of fishing that you are looking to doing. For a recreational angling between a parent and a child, the rod will need to be comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, if you are looking to catch fish for a livelihood, then the rod and the reel must be able to deliver the intended high results. Moreover, the type of fish being hunted and the size dictates the type of rod you pick.
  2. The power or the features of the rod will determine what kind of success you are going to achieve when you dip it. Rods can be classified into ultra light, medium light, and medium, medium heavy, heavy and ultra heavy. For the ultra light rods, a child or very shallow fishing will be appropriate. If you are looking into deep water fishing, then the ultra heavy rod will be ideal.
  3. The lure weight of a fishing rod determines whether you will be successful or not. Each and every type of fishing rod is designed to support a certain amount of weight in order to be effective. Ensure that you read the instructions well so as not to overload or under load the rod.
  4. The number of components of a fishing rod will also matter. For a newbie, having a rod that has many components that are complicated to put together is not a very good thing. Furthermore, the more components a rod has the most professional it is supposed to be. When shopping, ask for an entry fishing rod and where possible ask for the one that does not require any assembling.
  5. Type of fishing rod is also important when you are looking forward to a successful fishing experience. Each type of rod comes with certain specifications that you need to mull over. Among the options you have include fly, trolling, carbon fiber, ice, sea and surf rods. Each and every rod is designed to serve you best in certain circumstances.


The internet has almost taken over every aspect of our lives. As such, you will find that you can easily buy your fishing rod online. However, before you order for your angling gear, you need to ensure that your specifications are those that you need. To guarantee that this is the case, you need to ensure that there is a well-defined money back guarantee warranty or a return policy. The ease of finding the perfect rods has made more people become enthusiasts and successful anglers today.

Fishing Outdoors – Top Tips

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Fishing Outdoors |

Fishing has always been one of the most relaxing hobbies but in the same time the battle of the minds between the fisherman and the fish, who would win and who would end up tricked or caught. It would be a mistake to think that fishing is only a laid back sport because for some it has become the matter of profession and life and they dedicate a lot of their time and money in improving their skills, techniques, and equipment.

In this article, we are going to discuss fishing for beginners and some of the most important things they need to know.
Research this sport
Before you even consider about the fishing, make sure you understand what fishing is about and will you be able to commit yourself fully. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can find a lot of interesting and advice-friendly websites where you can explore this subject.
Learn the basic procedure
Once you acquired an initial knowledge about the fishing, you need to understand some pre – fishing techniques. For instance, which fishing rod to use, how to tie a hook and to add a bait, how to cast a line and to tie a knot.
The right equipment is a half of your fishing
Depending on which terrain and what type of the fish you decide to fish, you will need adequate equipment because different types of rods are used for different types of fish. We advise beginners not to go crazy with the spending money on the equipment before they learn these differences. For the start use as simple equipment, as you can because you are in the learning process.

Bait is the most important part of the fishing
Make sure you understand what type of fish you want to catch, according to that, you will need to use an adequate bait because the wrong one may reject the fish. For example, catfish might be caught with the help of the specially designed bait for the catfish, or you can use an alternative method, such as the raw chicken liver. Some of the fish prefer insects and crickets.

Location Finding a spot where fish have chosen to spawn may lead you to a great catch.

Weather is important
Gloomy weather may decide whether you will have a good or bad day on the water because this one has proven to have best conditions for the fishing. So check the forecast before you decide to go on the water.

Use proper dressing
Since you will be spending a lot of time near the water, boots are a necessary item because at some point you will need to go in the water. Dress in layers because the weather can be unpredictable.
Bring food and bug spray
Water can pretty much exhaust you and starve you, so you will need to bring food that will last you during your fishing.

Considering the bugs, since you will be near the water, expect there to find a lot of mosquito, but proper bug spray will make sure you are itch free.